Exceptional materials

Our covers are made from generous materials, carefully selected for their protective qualities, beauty and durability.
Take them everywhere with you, the use will give them a unique patina.

Bright and cheerful fabrics

Metal hardware with varnished finish

Full grain calf leather with vegetable tanning, generous and resistant.
Excellent thermal insulators, they protect just as effectively against bumps and humidity. The patina darkens with time.

Full grain, velvety and supple nubucks with a sensual touch

Pure wool felt, natural, resistant and soft.
It is a thermal insulator and an effective rampart against bumps and humidity


Local craftmen

The work of the hand, the ancestral know-how, the craftsman's paw, the roughness of a raw skin that must be softened to get the best out of it, the insignificant but charming defect that makes it a unique piece, the quality of the realization that allows to keep it forever.
This is what La Boëlie strives to preserve.
All of our products are manufactured by craftsmen with recognized know-how and whom we trust, in France.
The models, with their timeless and elegant aesthetics, are designed in our workshops in Lyon.


Limiting our footprint

At each stage of the production of our products, we act to limit our environmental footprint :

  • CE leathers with vegetable tanning to respect the environment and the craftsmen who work them

  • 100% natural wool fibre felts   

  • Optimisation of our skins to reduce waste   

  • Local artisans and supplies   

  • Timeless design to keep our products with you for a long time   

All this gives our accessories an authentic and unique look, that the patina will make unique over time.